This seminar is designed to aid purchasing agents, salesmen, engineers and management personnel in developing a plastics vocabulary. Through a format that combines lectures, case studies, and written exercises, you will learn to estimate and analyze quotes, select a vendor, write a purchase order, run a successful cost reduction program and much more. If you desire to expand your knowledge of technical terminology and current industry practices, this seminar is for you. 

o What plastic process should I use? 
o Review of production plastic processes
o How can I get to market faster?
o How CAD, FEA & CAE are shortening development ime
o Faster prototyping options
o Better computer simulation solutions
o What parts of the country tend to be more competitive?
o Survey of the injection molding Industry
o How to estimate and analyze quotes
o How to prepare a quote - class problem(s)
o How to analyze a quote
o How to find out what the competition is doing
o How to justify more expensive tooling and lower overall project cost
o How to evaluate alternatives
o Purchase plastic parts smarter
o Standards and Practices of Plastic Molders
o Avoiding the pitfalls in writing a P.O.
o Parts not meeting specification
o What to put in a purchase order
o What to look for in selecting a vendor.
o What to look for in selecting a customer
o What to look for in cost reduction programs.