The seminar assumes that the attendee is familiar with the injection molding process. This seminar will very quickly review the basics of the injection molding process, showing the relationship of each control and the resultant effect and change in the process. Using Paulson Training Programs "SIMTECH" software program, the attendee is provided with all the same machine controls as on an actual machine, allows the class to change the control settings and then see the part (and defects) that were molded under those settings in accelerated time. Interactive class problems and discussion will center on "cause and effect" and "why" each action is taken.

The only thing this seminar is missing is the noise and ambience of an"actual" injection molding room.

Who Should Attend?
Anyone that has a need or curiosity to learn the cause and effect relationship that exists in the injection molding process and to learn about the latest tools for problem solving: process engineers, mold engineers, QC inspectors, production managers, part designers, management, set-up technicians, foremen, operators, etc.

Seminar Content
• Quick review of the basics:timers,pressures,speeds,temperature settings,etc.and their interrelationships.

​• Simulate mold filling with different gate locations

• Show temperature and pressure distribution

• Estimate moldability

• Developing a process window

• Identification of different rejects: blackstreaking, burn marks, color fading, discoloration, brittleness, distortion, weld lines, jetting, short shots, sinkmarks, etc.

• Understanding all the options that are available to make a change:i.e. all the different ways to increase or decrease melt temperature.

• Developing a plan of attack,knowing what all your options are and picking the best ones for your particular situation in a logical fashion.

​• Applying the principles learned in the course to unknown real-time problems using Paulson Training Programs "SIMTECH" software program.